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Your initial consultation with me, Dr. Bordeianu, is a great opportunity for you to learn more about Norton Dental Bolton & my friendly staff. We will discuss oral health concerns and establish a treatment plan.

I, Dr. Bordeianu, put the emphasis on preventation which is why regular checkups and maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial in preventing more serious dental problems from developing. The Canadian Dental Association (CDA), advises that visits should be made at least once every six months. These regular visits ensure proper oral hygiene and functionality by taking steps necessary to prevent costly dental treatment required for more serious problems concerning dental hygiene.

Dr. Bordeianu - patients with smile and teeth.

"I, Dr. Bordeianu, am dedicated to guiding you towards achieving optimal oral health that can be maintained for a lifetime."

In order to diagnose and treat any problems as early as possible, I will customize a dental hygiene plan best suited for you, which includes: A dental exam, scaling if necessary and dental X-ray(s). In the event that I, Dr. Bordeianu, discover tooth decay or disease within your mouth, gums and/or tongue, I may choose to incorporate a variety of restorative dental procedures to prevent or repair effects of tooth decay, trauma and disease within your treatment plan.

My (Dr. Bordeianu) primary defense against  oral disease is preventing and detecting problems concerning your oral health. However, my services do not end with preventative and restorative treatment; my services include cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, invisalign, dental emergency. Should you require additional treatment that is not provided by me (Dr. Bordeianu), you will be referred to a specialist.